Pushkin Ethnic Park-Museum of Russian Fairy Tales

Volgograd Oblast

Contact information

16 Lenina Street, Kirovets village, Sredneakhtubinsky district, Volgograd Oblast

Tel.: +7 (904) 408-36-37

E-mail: muzeyrs@mail.ru


Operating hours

By appointment

Ticket price

The price depends on the type of performance

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Pavlova Tatiana Petrovna



About museum

Tatyana Pavlova came up with the idea of creating the museum in 2004. First Emelina’s refectory was built, then the Magic Glade, then the Tridevyatoe Kingdom, and then it began….

Until 2020, only the Museum of Russian Fairy Tales hosted guests, which has already been visited by more than 150,000 people. More than 300 fairy-tale art objects were created for guests by the company’s employees in the open air, located in the Magic Glade, Lukomorye, Tridevyatoe Kingdom, Tsar’s Chambers, Veles’ Cave and Baba Yaga’s Glukhomanie. All guests of the Park-Museum will be fed with Russian dishes in real chugunks in the buffet “Yemelya’s”. In 2021, the Bogolesye holiday area was opened for visits, where objects of Slavic mythology are presented: World Tree, Kitezh-grad, Svarog, Makosh, Kitovras, Svyatobor, stylised temple, panoramic exposition of Hyperborea. There is the Berendey Refectory, where children’s festivals and traditional ancient rituals are held. In June 2021, with the assistance of the Volgograd Region Culture Committee, a children’s festival dedicated to Children’s Day was held on the territory of the Russian Fairy Tale Park.