Chocolate Museum Shokoladushka

Volgograd Oblast

Contact information

Volgograd, Rokossovsky ul., building 28

Tel.: +7 (88442) 33-69-96


Operating hours

Daily from 9:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Master Classes ticket price

“Chocolate Journey” – 450 rubles

“Chocolate smartphone” – 600 rubles

“Gingerbread Fairy Tale” – 400 rubles

“Chocolates” – 550 rubles

Museum founder (owner)

Konstantin Aleksandrovich Ektov


Tatyana Molchanova



About museum

The idea of creating a museum, where children work with chocolate by hand and participate in the manufacture of chocolate products, came to project manager Konstantin Aleksandrovich Ektov. Having visited many museums in the world and Russia, Konstantin did not encounter any replications of the idea that he had: A museum where all the exhibits were made of chocolate. Masters were able to make all this idea come to fruition.

Master classes in chocolate and gingerbread painting are held, where adults and children make chocolate figures or chocolate bars with their own hands, as well as paint gingerbreads of various shapes. The event also provides a tour of the history of chocolate and gingerbread, as well as manufacturing secrets, and educates visitors so they can better understand the composition of products. In the museum, all exhibits are made of chocolate (paintings, figurines, and figures, etc.).

Portraits of various historical characters, heroes from children’s fairy tales and cartoons, chocolate furniture, paintings from the history of the discovery of America, etc. are presented.