Vladimir’s Lights Museum

Vladimir region

Contact information

Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya ul., building 11

Tel.: +7 (962) 089-50-29, +7 (492) 222-25-53

E-mail: info@ogni33.ru


Operating hours

From 10:00 to 20:00 without lunch and days off

Start of excursions: 10:00; 12:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00

Ticket price

(excursion + masterclass):

– children – 200 rubles

– adults – 250 rubles

– discount categories – 150 rubles

Museum founders and owners

Igor Alexandrovich Podgorny and Elena Alexandrovna Podgornaya



About museum

Our Vladimir’s Lights museum is located in the very center of the historical part of Vladimir, in a house with a long history, at the address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya ul., building 11.

House No. 11 was built in the second half of the 19th century (i.e. around 150 years ago) and was used as follows: clergymen lived on the upper floors, and shops were rented out on the first floor.

One of the rooms has retained its original appearance, the old brickwork with round brick recesses and without wiring, and it was precisely after seeing this distinctive room that the idea of creating a museum arose. Traveling through different eras at the Vladimir’s Lights Museum, guests will learn how the city has been lit from ancient times to the present day, and how houses have been lit up in different backgrounds. The main emphasis in the Vladimir’s Lights Museum is on interactivity, which motivates guests to participate in the project and allows children and adults to be involved in studying the history of Vladimir.

During the tour, the electric light periodically turns off and wicker lamps, candles, and lanterns are lit.

At the end of the tour, guests are invited to sign a memorable old postcard with a quill pen.

The museum also offers various masterclasses and old games.

Exhibits were gathered at antique shops, flea markets, and from private collections.

A special pride of the collection is the oil and kerosene lamp collection, and the old railway lights.