The Museum of Wax Figures

Vladimir region

Contact information

Vladimir region, the town of Suzdal, St.Kremlevskaya, 3

Tel.: +7 (492) 312-04-67, +7 (985) 763-84-51


Operating hours

10:00-19:00 daily

Ticket office open until 18:30

Ticket price

Adults – 300 rubles

Discount class – 150 rubles


Kuzina, A.A.



About museum

The history of the Moscow Wax Museum began with a small exhibition of nine characters in one of the pavilions of Sokolniki. A group of enthusiasts headed by A.V. Afanasov came up with the idea to create this museum. The first wax figures of the museum such as Ivan the Terrible, I.V. Stalin, N.S. Krushchev were created under the direction of an honored sculptor I. Brodsky.

From 1994 to 2004 the permanent exhibition of the museum was housed in a small hall of the State Museum of N. A. Ostrovsky on Tverskaya street in Moscow. However, most of the exhibits travelled around the world.

At the present time, the collection includes more than 150 wax figures and has been in the town of Suzdal (Vladimir region) since 2007. The collection is constantly updated. We are working on creating new characters.