The Kovrov museum of motorbikes «Moto-Kovrov»

Vladimir region

Contact information

Kovrov, Naberezhnaya street, 10

+7 (910) 188-82-08



Opening hours

by request

The cost of tickets


The founder

Tubaev Nikolai Avenirovich



A bout the museum

Officially, the Kovrov Museum of Motorbikes «Moto-Kovrov» Private Institution of Culture.

The collection of the museum «Moto-Kovrov» includes:

– 65 vehicles produced at the Kovrov plant of V. A. Degtyarev (the Degtyarev plant) and in the CIS countries 1939-2005. Among them they are motorbikes used by the Kovrov cross mens Champions of the USSR Volkov V.A. and Marov V.B.;

– 12 doner bikes and a huge number of motorbike parts and accessories for future restoration;

– equipment from well-known Kirov moto riders Volkov V.A. Marov V.B., Varabin Y.N. Averin V.O. Equipment from motorbikes of the 1940-80s;

– 24 helmets from 1950-80s;

– more than 1000 professional photos from motocross in the 1940-80s, including photos of riders, builders, and testers;

– more than 150 table medals dedicated to Kirov motocross including awards to Kovrov riders;

– more than 400 badges dedicated to motorsports including awards with original documentation;

– more than 200 pennants and calendars dedicated to motocross;

– 16 posters of motocross events from the period of 1960 – 2000;

– 12 motocross cups motoballs including the first awards, two cups of 1953. The famous Kovrov cross men were awarded by them in in the city of Kiev;

– Flag of the Kovrov motorbike team “Kovrovets” 1973;

– Ball for playing motoball

– The great number of files relating to testing, including drafts, of the leading motorbikes, competition rules, as well as books about motorbike building, diplomas, registration for motocrosses of different years and etc;

– More than 80 advertising booklets and posters relating to motorbike products;

– more than 70 instruction manuals for motor engineering from 1940-2000;

– a number of engines, parts and other items from the 40-80s that are of historical value;

– the exhibits are spread among a two story garage and in three one-story garage units as well as in an apartment.