The Ilya Muromets Museum & Theater

Vladimir region

Contact information

Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa, Building 33, Murom

Tel.: +7 (900) 584-69-09

Operating hours

by appointment

Ticket price

Adult – 300 rubles;

Children – 200 rubles;

Workshops – 200 rubles.

Founder/Owner of the museum

Yulia Elepova



About museum

The idea came to Olga Guseva after visiting the Kalachnaya museum in Kolomna. The mind started working and ideas arose one after another. Finally we started to work, and soon an original museum theater was created, which introduces the history, legends, and epics of the ancient city of Murom, and tells about the Russian hero Ilya Muromets.

Guests will enjoy a theatrical show and fascinating interactive experience, during which they will travel to 12th century ancient Russia and be able to see the fabulous healing of the hero from paralysis, which kept him immobile for 33 years, as well as his fight with the Nightingale the Robber.

The Ilya Muromets Museum & Theater shows theatrical interactive programs for children and adults. You can try to whistle the Nightingale the Robber, try on the helmet of Ilya Muromets, and learn to protect yourself from the evil eye. Then, you can taste the fragrant Murom kalach and drink delicious Ivan-tea. Also, various workshops, offsite events, and costumed city tours are held.