The Eureka Science and Man Museum

Vladimir region

Contact information

Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya ul., building 11

Tel.: +7 (961) 258-22-55, +7 (492) 222-25-53


Operating hours

From 10:00 to 20:00 without lunch and days off

Ticket price

Entrance ticket with a guided tour:

– children – from 350 rubles,

– adults – from 350 rubles,

– discount categories – from 250 rubles.

Masterclasses, shows – from 200 rubles.

Museum founders and owners

Igor Alexandrovich Podgorny and Elena Alexandrovna Podgornaya



About museum

Museums of science are very popular in the world, where children learn the laws of physics and environmental phenomena through games. It is very interesting and exciting for both children and adults. And during one of the trips to Europe, the idea arose to create a museum of science and man in Vladimir.

The Eureka Museum of Science and Man consists of more than 150 scientific interactive exhibits on mechanics, hydraulics, aerodynamics, electricity, sound, light, anatomy, as well as exhibits with scientific illusions: gravity room, Ames room, “House upside down”, “Head on a dish”, and “A crane hanging in the air”.

The guide will conduct a fascinating tour for you, and you will be able to experiment on your own, click on the buttons, rotate, start, take pictures, etc. Our museum offers science shows, various masterclasses, science quests, and ready-made programs for children’s parties.

We tried to collect the most striking and spectacular exhibits for the museum’s collection: Tesla coil, plasma ball, Jacob’s ladder, anatomical puzzle, yoga chair, levitation, magnetic braking, room with soap bubbles, etc.