Interactive Scientific and Technical Cyber Museum

Vladimir region

Contact information

Vladimir Region, Murom, Krestyanina Square, Building 6 V

Tel.: +7 (929) 028-03-80, +7 (920) 622-01-84


Operating hours

10:00 – 17:00 daily

Ticket price

Children – 200 rubles

Adults – 400 rubles

Master classes – 150 rubles

The founder of the museum

Victor Kupriyanov



About museum

In the museum you can play Dendy, listen to vinyl records, see working 40-year old computers, and see where the era of digital photography began. Emotions run wild!

The idea of creating a cyber museum originated with the Murom programmer Viktor Kupriyanov back in 1995, and the collection has been growing every year since. Currently, the museum has more than 2,000 exhibits that show the history of world and domestic technology, from its first steps to its heyday today. For connoisseurs, there is a large amount of original literature starting from the 1950s, including books and magazines.

Can you hide a computer in your pocket? Surely yes, because now an entire computer fits into a Smartphone. And in the museum you can hide inside a computer! Yes! These are our old computers …

The branded “schtick” of the museum is the riddles. Not everyone can figure them out, but you should definitely try!

All museum visitors can take part in our interactive attractions, including:

– a virtual walk through Murom with 3D-glasses (360 degree photo viewing);

– a master class on assembling a personal computer (cyber puzzles);

– listening to a collection of old vinyl records on a tube record player;

– games for the 8- and 16-bit consoles;

– games for the first IBM: Tetris, Duke Nukem, Wolf3D, “Prince of Persia”, “Mario”, and many others;

– quizzes on the knowledge of the history of technology with prizes for children and adults.

Guests of Murom are offered a large selection of souvenirs with the symbols of the city, from inexpensive magnets to exclusive handmade souvenirs; there are more than 500 kinds of them.

A visit to the museum can be a family event: both the young and old will surely find interesting exhibits for themselves and can choose souvenirs as memories or as gifts.

The museum is in constant search of new interesting “oldies”. If you can help, they will welcome any kind of old equipment and household items from the USSR. Contact the museum staff at the indicated contact numbers or by e-mail. Help preserve history for the future generations! Whenever possible, employees themselves will pick up the items or pay all shipping costs. All grantors of the museum are published on its official website.

In 2019, a retro cinema hall for 30 people opened at the museum and now anyone can watch movies and cartoons on film, as well as “Soviet comics” on filmstrips. In addition, “live lessons” are held in the hall for students on the topics of cybersecurity, the history of the city, and the history of computer technology.

Plans include the organization of children’s leisure activities: weekly workshops on wood burning, soldering of radio components, and photo hobby groups.

The dream of the museum founder is to establish the world’s first monument to the Tetris game in the city. In 2019, this most popular game in the world celebrated its 35th anniversary, and this was an excellent occasion, especially since the game was created by Soviet programmer Aleksey Pazhitnov. If there are sponsors, the monument must be! Subscribe to our group on Instagram, hashtag for search – #музейвоспоминаний.