Museum-Gallery “La Bohéme Artistique”

Udmurt republic

Contact information

Izhevsk, ul. Kirova, building 146, “My Port” shopping center, 3rd floor

Izhevsk, ul. Krasnogeroyskaya, building 61

Tel: +7 (341) 232-09-21


Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 to 19:00

Ticket price

Free admission for no more than 5-7 tourists

Founder of the museum

Rustam Faritovich Bulatov



About museum

The idea of creating the museum-gallery belongs to a group of enthusiasts who were successfully engaged in the fields of design, construction, and renovation for many years.

Museum-Gallery “La Bohéme Artistique” is the first private museum-gallery in Izhevsk, founded by Rustam Bulatov and his team. The idea is based on the concept of a salon – a literary and artistic association where members often meet in a private house, in this case, in a gallery. It is known that literary salons in Russia had a great influence on the development of Russian culture. Literary circles and associations were formed around them and great works were read aloud before audiences for the first time.

The gallery is a space where you can exchange opinions and thoughts about the works of artists and about art in general. “We do not belong to any state organization. We are not dependent on anyone’s opinion. Generally accepted standards are not imposed on us”. Museum-Gallery “La Bohéme Artistique” is an art center which not only engages in exhibition activities, finds new artists, and promotes the art of Udmurt artists, but also actively participates in the cultural life of Udmurtia and implements charity projects.

The museum’s collection includes more than 700 items, including paintings, ceramics, collages, and photographs. More than 40% of the works are the property of the museum and more than 250 works are in permanent exhibition rotation in Russia and abroad.