Tobolsk Printing Museum

Tyumen region

Contact information

Tyumen Region, Tobolsk, Oktyabrskaya St., Building 39

Tel.: +7 (345) 627-59-30, +7 (982) 977-88-88


Operating hours

Wed. – Sun.: 14:00 – 18:00

Mon., Tue. – closed

Ticket price

Self-guided visit:

– full price ticket: 80 rubles,

– reduced price ticket (for students and seniors): 50 rubles.

Guided tours:

– for groups of 5 people or less: 250 rubles per person,

– for groups of 6-10 people: 200 rubles per person,

– for groups of 11-15 people: 150 rubles per person.

Printing workshop “It’s time to print”: 1000 rubles.

Penmanship class: 200 rubles.

Founder and owner of the museum

Sergey Vladimirovich Zhmurov

Director of the museum

Elena Prokopyevna Shvetsova



About museum

The idea to create the museum was originally conceived by S.V.Zhmurov, the Founder of Sodeystvie and an experienced publisher. In 1997, he published the first issue of the private city newspaper Tobolsk — Sodeystvie, a weekly newspaper that survived the hardships of the post-soviet era and still exists today. In addition, the company has been publishing the city magazine Grad Tobolsk for ten years and hosts its own news and information website called Tobolsk-Inform. The newspaper and website editorial office is based in the company’s office, where the museum itself is located. The office building also houses the company’s printing house (we design and manufacture museum souvenirs ourselves) and a themed hostel called Bukva (Letter).

The museum’s collection contains samples of paper produced in Tobolsk in the early 19th century, a printing press from the 18th century, single copies of the pre-revolutionary press including the Tobolsk newspaper Sibirsky Listok (The Siberia Newsletter), the Tobolsk science magazine Ezhegodnik Tobolskogo Gubernskogo Museya (The Tobolsk District Museum Yearbook), the newspapers Semipalatinskie Oblastnye Vedomosti (The Semipalatinsk Regional News), Vladivostok, Amurskaya Gazeta (The Amur Newspaper), several books published by the Tobolsk publishing houses in the early 20th century, some newspapers from the Revolutionary era, the first Soviet city newspapers Sovetsky Sever (The Soviet North) and Severianin (The Northerner), letterpress type block samples from the late 19th and late 20th centuries, Tobolskaya Pravda (The Tobolsk Truth) newspaper bindings (1939, 1940), books and periodicals issued by the Tobolsk Printing House, local newspapers from the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century, photography equipment from the era, printing plates, wood letters for printing posters, a typesetter’s workspace from the 1980s, galleys, setting sticks, folder buffers, standard printing plates, and photographs of Tobolsk printers from the 19th century to today, as well as a large number of copies of rare documents from the Tobolsk State Archive and the Scientific Archive of the Tobolsk Reserve Museum of History and Architecture, writing accessories from different time periods, and various household items.