The Tyumen is My Heritage Vostok Hotel Museum

Tyumen region

Contact information

Tyumen, Republic ul., building 159

Tel.: +7 (929) 262-58-27, +7 (345) 268-66-86

Operating hours

Round the clock for self-visit using an audio guide or every Saturday at 09:00, 13:00, 16:00, and 19:00 hours with a guide

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The museum founder/owner

Alexey Vladislavovich Gotsyk

The museum director

Sergey Ivanovich Egorov



About museum

“A man does not live by bread alone …” Tyumen is famous for not only oil and gas. The first Russian city in Siberia, founded in 1586, will be an episode in the lives of millions of immigrants for whom Siberia will become the second homeland. The museum founders began to draw on their desire to tell city guests what “My Tyumen” is from the spring of impressions written by Radishchev, Chekhov, Prishvin, and Dostoevsky. So, the idea came to light to create a museum in the halls of the largest hotel of a city with almost a million people.

There are thematic exhibitions with recreated interiors from various eras in the lobby on each floor of the hotel, filled with artifacts of folk art: handmade carpets, household utensils, carved window jambs, and much more. The museum expositions are the interiors of a merchant’s house: ladies’ rooms and kitchens, ancient icons (merchants were very religious) and photographs of ordinary citizens from the early 20th century, house carvings and high-pile carpets, the arrangement of a peasant’s house, and tools.

The most interesting among the exhibits are the Krosno spinning mill and the bed, which is over 100 years old. You can also see photos of 1950s-60s Tyumen on the walls.