The Kamensky Carpet Museum

Tyumen region

Contact information

Tyumen district, Kamenka village, Irbitskaya ul., building 59

Tel.: +7 (345) 260-80-36

Operating hours

Sat from 12:00 to 18:00

Sun from 10:00 to 18:00

Museum founder/owner

Andrey Vasilievich Lozhkin



About museum

The museum originates from the private collection and personal initiative of A. Lozhkin. In 2017, the Vyatkin merchant family estate was acquired in the village of Kamenka, and a pilot project of the Kamensky Carpet Museum was created there in 2019. An initiative group and the Peasant Life History Museum in the village of Nasekino also participated in the museum’s creation. In the future, there is a plan to develop a museum complex with a catering point, hotel rooms, quests, and master classes, and enter the Irbit tract unified excursion route. At the moment, the complex is being actively restored and built.

The museum presents a Tyumen carpet collection, most of which were weaved in the Kamensky district in past centuries. It was thanks to the Kamenka craftsmen that the Tyumen carpet gained its worldwide fame. The carpet of Vasilisa Vikulova from the village of Kamenka won a gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900. Neither Russian artists nor writers ignored them when traveling around Siberia. The carpets of the Kamenka craftswomen were widespread beyond Siberia and the state. The museum also presents a collection of Ural-Siberian paintings preserved on furniture, household items, and spinning wheels. There were many talented “dyers” – artists of this traditional regional painting – in the Kamensky district. The museum also presents a collection of utensils and household items from the coachmen’s business. At the moment, three people are employed at the museum. The cost to visit is free. The cost of excursions and workshops is discussed individually. The museum has been operating for two full months; the number of visitors per year is unknown. The museum collaborates with the Peasant Life History Museum in the village of Nasekino as part of the Irbit Tract general excursion route. The carpet weaving specialist Tatyana Grishina continues the work of the Kamensky craftsmen, producing famous Kamensky carpets as part of the museum’s program. She also holds master classes.