The Blacksmith Craft Museum

Tyumen region

Contact information

Tyumen, Voroninsky Gorki Ave., building 182, structure 2

Tel.: +7 (904) 490-83-56

Operating hours

By appointment

Ticket price

The cost of the entrance ticket, which includes an excursion and a master class with a total duration of 1 hour 20 minutes – by agreement

Museum founder (owner/director)

Sergey Anatolyevich Pronin

Museum co-owner

Andrey Valerevich Sivaev



About museum

We, the museum founder and its co-owner, received an art education at the famous Abramtsevo College named after Vasnetsov in Moscow, in the artistic metalworking department. We have been engaged in art forging since 1993, during which time we have gained tremendous experience in executing a wide variety of orders. Our craftsmen are registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as metal restorers and painters.

An excerpt from a KVOBZOR article states, “In 1993, blacksmiths bought the former plant compression shop in the Tyumen industrial zone, which they began to equip with enthusiasm. In a large two-level room, they provided light and heat, reduced the huge windows by two times, battled with heat loss, installed a hearth, and set up new rooms including an office, a kitchen with an ever-present samovar, a pantry, and a workshop, and there was still space left. As you know, space does not stay empty, and will certainly be filled with what people love. Our heroes have a weakness for handmade antiques. The museum began to take shape gradually, from finds brought from villages or lost city houses and gifts from visitors, as well as from things made by the craftsmen in their free time from the soul.”

We conduct excursions for everyone. The tour consists of a short story about the museum and about the life and culture of the time and then we go to a real working forge, where a creative master class takes place. Here we clearly demonstrate how all this was forged in the old days.

The main task of our museum is to convey our history to the younger generation because the majority of them do not even know about the existence of some exhibits of our museum, and this is so important! As the prominent Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov said: “A people that does not know its past has no future.”