The Volgari Museum

Tver Oblast

Contact information

Tver Region, Kalyazin, Vagzhanova Ulitsa, Building 2

Tel.: +7 (910) 933-04-00, +7 (848249) 204-00

Operating hours

Tuesday through Sunday – 10:00 – 18:00, closed on Mondays

Ticket price

Entrance ticket and a tour – 100 rubles

Workshop – 50 – 150 rubles

Founder of the museum

Elena Vitalievna Mikhasik, Director General of the travel agency OOO “Kompaniya Piligrim”



About museum

The museum was opened on the territory of the old pier in the city of Kalyazin on the 29th of July 2018; it is located on a hiking trail. The exposition reveals the secrets of the city under water and describes the relationship of Kalyazin with the Volga trade route. The museum presents the life of local residents, the Volgars, the fate of people who fell into the flood zone, models of the old city, and Volga vessels from the 20th century. The museum’s collection is represented by professional riverboat items and equipment parts from the Volga vessels. A reconstruction of the river station canteen from the 1950s is also presented. The collection includes household and professional activity items of the Volga residents and crafts of the Tver Region, models of the city and the Volga vessels, and photographs and posters.

The museum holds the following workshops: tying up river knots, mooring a ship, assembling an electric circuit “Lighting the city together”, shadow play “Painting with light and shadow”, making origami “The ship of my dreams”, and making candles from wax.