The Provider and the Handyman Crafts Museum

Tver Oblast

Contact information

Tver oblast, Rameshkovsky municipality, Zamytie village, Tsentralnaya St., 12

Tel.: +7 (903) 238-21-74, +7 (910) 847-66-78



Operating hours

Tues. – Sun. from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Entrance – 100 roubles

A guided tour costs 200 roubles per person (from 3 people). Children up to 7 years old free of charge

Founder, owner and director of the museum

Spazhev Gennady Vyacheslavovich



About museum

The idea of creating the museum belongs to its founder G.V. Spazhev, who gathered a large collection of rural handicrafts and trades.

The exhibition illustrates what and how the villagers produced to meet their needs for food, clothing, footwear, household items and entertainment.

The 50 square metre room contains a rich collection of items of peasant life, cooperage, shoe-making, carpentry and joinery tools, equipment for processing linen, wool, leather and other natural materials. There are samples of embroidery, weaving, lacework, clay and wooden utensils, etc.