Private Naval Museum of Sergey Mironenko in Tver

Tver Oblast

Contact information

Tver Region, Kalinin district, Kulitskiy rural settlement, “Tvertsa” holiday village,

Tel.: +7 (903) 808-83-07


Operating hours

In test mode

Ticket price

Admission – free

Voluntary donations for the development of the museum are accepted

Founder of the museum

Alexander Komissarov

Director of the museum

Sergey Mironenko



About museum

In 2004, the construction of summer cottages for the presentation of exhibits began. Marine-themed exhibits were brought and given by acquaintances, friends, and relatives. In 2011, a three-story tower with rooms for the exhibits was built. In 2015 a stylized ship, called “Sergiev Ark”, was built on trees.

Exhibits: there are more than 50 naval exhibits, various national flags, more than 10 anchors, 50 meters of anchor chains, the historic uniforms of the Navy Forces, the owner’s personal exhibits, a large collection of books on the marine theme, 3 set up masts, a large deck at a height of 6 meters that holds 15 people, 12 lights, lamps, 3 large bells, 4 ship bells, boat cabins, and a rowing boat.