Museum of Dolls

Tver Oblast

Contact information

19 Proletarian Square, Kashin, Tver region

Tel.: +7 (920) 683-35-37


Operating hours

Tue. – Fri. from 13:00 to 16:30

Ticket price

Full ticket – 150 rub

Masterclasses by agreement with groups; not less than 5 people.

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Khailova Oksana Lvovna



About museum

History: the private Museum of Vintage Dolls in Kashin was established in 2015 on the initiative of Khailova Oksana Lvovna. The official opening took place on 28 May 2015. The history of the creation of the museum is small. I am a teacher of supplementary education, leading handicraft circles. At first, I taught children how to make traditional folk dolls, and then we moved on to sewing clothes for industrial dolls. Children brought their dolls and told interesting stories. I told them the story of my favorite childhood doll, I wanted to show it to them. It was with her that the purchase of vintage dolls began. Later, when there were a lot of dolls, I got the idea to create our own museum, which will significantly expand the ideas of children and adults about dolls and their history.

The aim of the museum: to acquaint children and adults with the history of both traditional folk dolls and industrial dolls.

Exposition: the museum presents the diversity of the puppet world, the history of puppet production. Special attention is paid to the Soviet toys: dolls and puppets produced in the USSR and GDR. The exposition also presents traditional folk dolls, modern porcelain dolls, etc.