“Druzhina Organization” Museum

Tver Oblast

Contact information

Tver, ul. Zhigareva, building 5

Tel.: +7 (961) 141-07-01, +7 (961) 141-07-01

E-mail: gringo69rus@gmai.com


Operating hours

From December 26th to January 10th: Monday: 12:00-20:00

Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00-13:00, 17:00-20:00

Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00

Ticket price


Director of the museum

Grigory Igorevich Nikitchenko



About museum

The “Tver Armory Chamber” exhibition was created in Tver in 2000 and is still operating. The current project is a special pride of the “Druzhina” club, which managed to create an interesting tourist object that combines educational and entertainment functions.

Most of the exhibits in the “Tver Armory chamber” are made by the hands of the members of the “Druzhina” club and are tested in battles and campaigns. Not a single sword or button in this exhibition is hidden behind glass. Any visitor can touch the historical items with their own hands, try on the helmet of the Russian knight, or take up a battle blade.

Thanks to this, we can say that this is a tour you won`t forget, and you can get a lot of new knowledge and impressions that will stay with you for a long time.

First, the “Tver Armory Chamber” was opened in the building of the Tver River station. In 2012, it moved to Ul. Zhigareva, building 5, where it is still located.

The new, unique exhibition “Development of military skills in the era of Rurikovich Tsars: from the Falcon to the Terrible” is presented in the “Tver Armory chamber”. The tour in an interactive way tells you about how the military culture of Russia and our neighbors developed in the Middle Ages.