Samovar Museum-Shop

Tula region

Contact information

14B, Metallistov Street, Tula, Tula region

Tel.: +7 (919) 077-73-22

+7 (903) 840-26-50

Operating hours

daily 11:00 – 19:00

no days off

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Pronin Sergey Nikolayevich

Founder,owner and museum director

Ulyanicheva Irina Vladimirovna



About museum

The idea of the museum appeared in connection with the large-scale reconstruction of Metallistov Street and the creation of a museum quarter in Tula.

The museum signboard was created by Mitya Kuznetsov, the founder of the “Museum of Living Antique Signboard” in Rybinsk, and artist Nina Matveeva, and is the first exhibit placed not in Rybinsk.