“Old Traditions” museum of marshmallows

Tula region

Contact information

Tula Region, Belev, ul. Privokzalnaya, building 21B

Tel.: +7 (909) 264-76-32

E-mail: dom-tradiciy@mail.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Recording of a tour is available by phone

Ticket price

Entrance ticket-300 rubles

Founder/Owner of the museum

“Old Traditions” LLC



About museum

At the end of 2014, the Minister of Culture of the Tula Region, Tatyana Rybkina, was the mastermind of the creation of the “Old Traditions” museum of marshmallows. The appearance of such a museum was connected with the sudden popularity of the “Belevskaya” apple marshmallow – one of the culinary attractions of the Tula Region. Initially, in addition to this Belev city brand, the museum presented another traditional craft of the city of Belev – bobbin lace weaving. However, over time, it became clear that the museum should present something more than marshmallows and lace. Since early 2018, other folk crafts not related to Belevsky or Tula Region have started to appear.

The “Old Traditions” museum of marshmallows is a unique tourist object. Here, under one roof, various Russian folk crafts are gathered. Currently, wood carvings, ceremonial rag dolls, and clay toys are presented. The exhibition is often replenished, according to opportunity. A special place in the museum is set aside for the “Belevsky” crafts (the “Belevskaya” apple marshmallow and “Belevsky” bobbin lace) which made the small Tula town famous not only in Russia, but also around the world..

Visitors to the museum can not only learn more about all the folk crafts, but also take part in any master classes they like. They can take the product of their own work with them as a souvenir. The museum program offers a tea party with a tasting of the “Old Traditions” products. These products are the “Belevskaya” apple marshmallow, zephyr, marmalade, and many other tasty things.

In addition, the “Old Traditions” museum of marshmallows staff conducts thematic tours of the city of Belev and Belevsky Region.