“Grandfather Philemon’s Harmonica” Museum

Tula region

Contact information

Tula, Ul. Mendeleevskaya, building 9

Tel.: + 7 (910) 157-17-19

E-mail: info@harmonic-museum.ru


Operating hours

Tuesday-Sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

Monday: closed

Ticket price

Adults–250 rubles

Children (6-18 years old) – 200 rubles

Interactive tour (includes a story accompanied by a harmonica player)

Adults–350 rubles

Children–250 rubles

Founder of the museum (Owner/Director)

Sergey Vasilievich Kuznetsov



About museum

The main activity of LLC “Filimonovskaya Toy” is museum exhibitions. Since 2009, the “Filimonovskaya Toy” project has been in place in the city of Odoyev in the Tula Region. Over the years, we gained some experience in museum activities. In April 2015, the decision was made to create another museum dedicated to accordion production in Russia. During the two years of preparatory work an exhibition was formed, the collection of instruments was selected, and archival information, materials, and written sources on accordion production were collected. In January 2018, “Grandfather Philemon’s Harmonica” Museum received its first visitors.

The main goal and task of the museum is to promote and popularize traditional Russian musical instruments – the accordion and the “bayan”.

The museum’s exposition is based on a private collection. It has more than 150 exhibits. Each museum accordion is unique and special in its own way. Each has its own history: next to the old ones-the Pskov, Saratov and Vologda harmonicas with bells-there is the accordion collected by street children at the factory of the children’s Commission in Tula. There is another accordion which was used by its owner during the hard years of war and a post-war Italian accordion with two piano keyboards.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our modern instruments made at one of the oldest enterprises in Russia–the “Tula Accordion” factory.