“Petrosoviet” museum of the village of Petrovo

Tomsk region

Contact information

Tomsk Region, Tomsk district, Petrovo, ul. Gagarina, building 19

Tel: +7 (909) 538-85-60

Instagram: @petrosovet_petrovo

Facebook: @petrosovetpetrovo

VKontakte: vk.com/petrosovet_petrovo

Odnoklassniki: ok.ru/group/53269158756523

Founder of the museum

Vladimir Viktorovich Dementyev



About museum

One of the initial themes of the owner’s collection was agitation porcelain. He then came up with the idea of organizing an exhibition with propaganda topics, military paraphernalia, and household items. Later, a small exposition of Soviet radio and film equipment from the 1950s and 1970s was added. Currently, the owner is thinking of organizing an exhibition dedicated to the period of collectivization of the 1920-30s, with reference to local history.

The collection contains about 300 items. The basic items on the topic of agitation are agitation porcelain, statuettes, banners and paintings, party literature, and many other things. The exhibition is complemented by military paraphernalia items. There is also a small collection of radio equipment and film projectors with a selection of documentary chronicles. There are military and historical maps. Most represented items are not of museum value, there are few rare objects.