The Western Ukraine Way of Life Museum named after I.N. Snegur


Contact information

Sevastopol, Balaklava district, Chernorechye, Chernogoriye GC OKA, Ilyich’s Hamlet, plot No. 6

Tel.: +7 (978) 748-53-55


Operating hours

From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week

Ticket price

Price is negotiable

The museum founder

Mikhail Ilyich Kuzmenyuk

The museum director

Ivanna Mikhailovna Kuzmenyuk



About museum

The Western Ukraine Way of Life Private Museum is located near Sevastopol in the village of Chernorechye.

Its founder is Mikhail Ilyich Kuzmenyuk. In September 2008, the museum was registered, consecrated, and since then has been hosting visitors.

Museum exhibits are located in separate buildings. The exhibition area of the museum is about 200 square meters.

An outdoor exhibit storage area is available. There are firas (carts), sledges, agricultural implements, and household goods.

The halls feature expositions of traditional Bukovinian clothing from the late 19th century – the mid-20th century: women’s shirts, sheepskin coats, sleeveless fur jacket, overcoats, porkyanytsi, boots, sandals, women’s shoes, a variety of hats (fur hats, krisanja) scarves, head towels, and others. The museum also presents things related to clothing and bags from homespun cloth: cloth bags with embroidery, belts, and corals (necklaces). The museum also exhibits woven and embroidered towels, tablecloths, kots (carpets), and bench covers, which were used both in everyday life and as holiday home decorations.

A separate hall is an entrance hall (wooden house), where household items, utility items, tools, kerosene lights, a variety of scales, and what was not needed for permanent use are placed.

There are three expositions in the last hall:

– Religion;

– Education during the Austria-Hungary, Romanian and Soviet power times;

– Culture and art, which presents authentic documents on education, musical instruments, radios, radio sets, tape recorders, gramophones, cameras, film and video cameras, photographs, icons and church utensils.

Our museum is a family business, which is continued by the children and grandchildren of Mikhail Ilyich.