Vaunted Apple Museum

Saratov region

Contact information

Saratov Region, Khvalynsk, ul. Sovetskaya, building 89a

Tel.: +7 (927) 104-18-22, +7 (903) 021-35-87


Instagram: irinagamezo1964

Operating hours

Daily, from 9:00 to 16:00

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 50 rubles

Excursion – 100 rubles

Master-class – 100 rubles

Founder/Director of the museum

Irina Valentinovna Gamezo

Founder/Owner of the museum

Lutobor Vladimirovich Krasnobaev



About museum

The Vaunted Apple Museum is a unique museum of its kind. Why?

First, the apple has been a symbol and brand of the city of Khvalynsk since time immemorial and its taste is known far beyond the borders of Russia.

Secondly, it was created by the daughter of a well-known agronomist in the city – Valentina Krasnobaeva.

Thirdly, it is a museum of original creativity for children and adults.

Finally, it is interactive, and each visitor can hold the exhibits in his hands, try on the costumes of local craftswomen, take part in the quest, and find the right answer under the magic apple tree. For adults and children, masterclasses are held here, as a result of which small masterpieces are born. Although, here, in the souvenir shop, you can also buy the symbol of the museum – the Vaunted Apple, painted by a local craftswoman. Another attraction is the Singing Museum. When we enter the wooden gates, we can hear birds singing, and then the guide includes very beautiful songs in his story. Have you seen or heard anything like this?

The museum’s exposition includes exhibits from the end of the 19th century to the present, belonging to the Malyshev and Krasnobayev families.