Samara Museum “Lace Gallery”

Samara region

Contact information

Samara, Sadovaya St., 208

Tel.: +7 (927) 729-41-15


Operating hours

By appointment via phone

The museum has an operating workshop.

Ticket price

Free entrance

Guided tour – price is negotiable

Workshop – price is negotiable

Founder(Owner/Director) of the museum

Margarita Nikolaevna Bortnikova



About museum

How did it all start? Many years ago, in 2010, the house that we were trying to turn into a workshop had no doors at all. I believed in human kindness so I published an ad in the Samara Newspaper asking for door donations. An old lady came in carrying a bundle. I unwrapped it and it was old lace from the previous century made from sewing bobbin thread in 1950-1955 after the war, when there was nothing else to decorate the house with. The old lady said, “I’ll die and they will throw it away so you can keep it”.

That’s how the museum was born, the museum of ancient lace.

After that we started to buy precious handmade lace on our trips across Russia. People donated some too and this formed a whole collection of 70-year old lace. Recently the same old lady brought us her most precious belonging, an embroidered tapestry called “rushnik” from 1910. This rushnik was handwoven, embroidered and knitted by her grandmother, It was with her grandmother at her wedding and later she gave it to her daughter. Her daughter passed it on to her daughter, and she brought it to us. The old lady is no longer with us.That’s how the memory of history, art, and people is preserved. We got those doors, by the way! The doors of my dreams!

I’m so grateful for this place and for all the wonderful people who believed in us!

Lace Gallery preserves, restores, and promotes lacemaking. Today we are witnessing the second wave of interest in folk crafts.

It’s crucial to preserve the unique experience of previous ages and to use it for good.

We design and create fashion collections, accessories, interior decorations, and creative toys. All works are one-of-a-kind pieces. The collections were presented at the Russian Fashion Days in Berlin and Brussels, at the Roma Fashion Week, Estet Fashion Week, in Zaytsev Fashion House, at the Harbin Fashion Week in China, etc.

The Lace Geometry Exhibition and the handmade lace fashion show at the Emperor’s Bouquet Festival were held in Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk Palace accordingly at the invitation of the museums.

We hold educational workshops for children and adults.

The museum brings together, displays and presents artworks of talented artists and craftsmen, and collaborates with and supports artists from Russia and abroad. The Lace Gallery is the winner of many Russian and international contest awards, as well as Best Product and Best Quality Awards of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

The museum of ancient lace is established. Its current exhibition is constantly replenished with old and newly created pieces.

Cooperation suggestions: handmade and designed clothes, ready-made and custom-made. We are willing to lend ancient exhibits to other museums and galleries in Russia and abroad.