Museum of Frogs

Samara region

Contact information

Samara, ul. Krupskaya, building 1,6th floor, office 1A, Letter E

Tel.: +7 (846) 272-92-80


Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Adults – 250 rubles

Children – 150 rubles

Founder of the museum (Owner/Director)

Marina Borisovna Tarasova



About museum

Perhaps the most unusual museum in Samara is the Museum of Frogs.

It has no equivalent in Russia and there are only three such museums in the world: in Switzerland, Croatia, and, respectively, in Samara. Moreover, our museum differs favorably from the other ones. For example, there is a collection of 100 dried frogs on display in Estavayer -Le-Lac, Switzerland. I think this is a spectacle for an amateur! The Samara frogs are a completely different matter. Some of them are soft, they are made from rubber, glass, paper, and metal and are very kind and positive. These frogs are mostly fairy-tale characters; those who helped Pinocchio and Ivan Tsarevich, and many other fairy-tale characters. “My younger sister Ekaterina has been collecting frogs since her childhood,” says the director of the museum, Marina Tarasova. “It all started with a baby rattle, then people gave us frogs as a gift, brought from different countries”.

Over time, it became clear that the collection should be displayed somewhere. They started with a room, and then the museum appeared. We are not talking about any dried-up biological species of frogs here. In addition, the Museum of Frogs has a “hand-made” workshop, where your child can learn how to make funny animals from beads, fabric, and wool.