International Center of Spiritual Culture

Samara region

Contact information

Samara, Michurina Ulitsa, Building 23

Tel.: +7 (846) 270-23-60, +7 (846) 270-23-85


Operating hours

Tuesday through Friday – 10:00 – 19:00, Saturday and Sunday – 11:00 – 18:00, closed on Mondays.

Ticket price

Entrance and tour are free

Founder and owner of the museum

Yuri Egorovich Rodichev, President of the international public organization “The Center of Spiritual Culture”



About museum

The history of the creation of the international public organization “Center of Spiritual Culture”, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in May 2001, dates back to the 1980s. By this time in society the understanding had ripened that world culture significantly affects the spiritual nature of a human being, forms a sense of harmony and beauty, and determines the humanistic orientation of a society. It was then when the Samara Roerich society arose, whose substance was a broad cultural enlightenment. The name of Nikolai Roerich, a remarkable Russian artist, tireless researcher and traveler, philosopher, historian, publicist, ethnographer, archaeologist, writer, and poet, was not chosen by chance. Roerich expressed his world view with the following: “Awareness of beauty will save the world.” He devoted his entire life to the realization of this idea, invariably protecting the greatest cultural achievements from oblivion and irrecoverable loss. The Roerich Society, over time expanding its range of work and increasing the potential of its spiritual influence, was transformed into the international public organization “Center of Spiritual Culture” (MOO CDK). The Center of Spiritual Culture carries out its activities in various ways: holding exhibitions, publication of books, art albums, the release of isoproduction, expeditions to remote corners of our planet in search of beauty, and participation in international cultural programs.

Since 1996, the Center of Spiritual Culture has been making reproductions of paintings created by masters. Then the first exhibitions were organized. In 1997, the Rainbow Exhibition Hall was opened in Samara, and on March 24th, 1998, the Rainbow Cultural Exhibition Center opened its doors to visitors. Today it has 16 halls representing the culture of civilizations, world paintings (originals and reproductions), photo landscapes of the most beautiful corners of the planet, and collections of minerals. Tours, quests, quizzes, and lectures are held at the exhibitions.

Expositions are constantly updated and expanded, taking into account school and university programs on world art culture. Regional work groups and museums are working with traveling exhibitions of the Center nearly in the entire territory of Russia and abroad.