Chocolate Museum in Samara

Samara region

Contact information

Samara, ul. Sadovaya, building 256

Tel.: +7 (846) 205-07-09


Operating hours

From 10:00 to 20:00

Tours – according to the schedule (for groups by agreement)

Ticket price

“Chocolate Fairy Tale” tour – 600 rubles (adults and kids)

“Real Chocolate Maker” tour – 300 rub/400 rub (children up to 14 years old /adults)

“Maestro of Confectionary Activity” tour – 500 rub/600 rub (children up to 14 years old /adults)

Founder of the museum

Ekaterina Sergeevna Banartseva

Owner of the museum

Ilya Anatolievich Vorobyov

Director of the museum

Tatyana Alexeevna Starostina



About museum

Ekaterina Banartseva and Ilya Vorobyov came up with the idea to open this museum. For about 10 years, they had been the directors of the “Taste of Life” chain of chocolate makers, on the basis of which it was decided to create a small museum of chocolate.

The museum currently offers three options for practical excursions. From the very definition of “practical excursion” it is clear that we not only talk about the history of chocolate, but also provide the opportunity for participants to make chocolate goods themselves!

Tour option 1: “Chocolate Fairy Tale”- intended for children up to 6 years old and their parents. Together with a funny character, kids will learn more about the world of chocolate and will participate in an interactive game for its production. They will make a chocolate card and try themselves as a taster.

Tour option 2: “Real Chocolate Maker”, where participants will learn interesting details about the origin of chocolate and will learn to understand what ingredients it is made of and evaluate all the ingredients for their taste.

The participants will also try themselves as chocolate makers by making a shaped chocolate bar.

Tour option 3: “Maestro of Confectionary Activity “. Who among us did not dream of visiting a chocolate factory as a child to see how real chocolates are made? On this tour, participants have an opportunity not only to see this process, but also to learn how to make chocolate truffles themselves! They will also have an opportunity to become experts who know what professional chocolate is, how the history of the chocolate business in Russia developed, and many other interesting facts about this delicacy.

Each tour ends with a chocolate tasting and tea drinking. Each participant also receives a sweet souvenir from the museum, takes with them the sweet results of the practical part of the tour, and gets a chocolate souvenir from the museum!