The Russian Lefty Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, Italyanskaya Ulitsa, Building 35

Tel.: + 7 (812) 312-88-97, +7 (812) 312-88-09


Operating hours

11:00 – 19:00, closed on 1st January and 9th May

Ticket price

Full ticket price (weekdays) – 350 rubles

Full ticket price (weekend, holidays) – 400 rubles

Reduced rate (any day of the week) – 250 rubles

Entrance ticket to the temporary exposition (without visiting the miniature section) – 150 rubles

Photo and video shoot – 50 rubles

Guided tours for groups or individual tours – 700 rubles

Entrance ticket prices for workshops, creative evenings, and other events are set separately, depending on the type of the event

Owner of the Museum

The Union of Creative Art Workers “International Guild of Masters”

Founder of the Museum

Tatiana Anatolievna Kovsha, President of The Union of Creative Art Workers “International Guild of Masters”

Valentina Sergeevna Babicheva, General Director of The Union of Creative Art Workers “International Guild of Masters”

Director of the Museum

Maria Valerievna Polubinskaya



About museum

The Non-State Museum belongs to the Non-Profit Creative Organization STD “International Guild of Masters”.

It was decided to create a museum after the success of the exhibition of micro-miniatures by Vladimir Aniskin, organized by T. A. Kovsh in the Peter and Paul Fortress in 2006. The main goal of this museum is to present talented contemporary artists capable of surprising with unusual techniques and performance of works in various art forms. The museum presents not only artists from Russia, but also foreign masters. The organization that established the museum often initiates interesting international projects; there were exhibitions of artists from Lithuania, Japan, Belarus, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and many others. The museum is actively conducting exhibition activities. For organized groups (from 10 people), tours are given. The museum also hosts workshops and creative evenings. The first room presents a collection of micro-miniature works by Vladimir Aniskin – a total of more than 70 exhibits under microscopes. The works are literally made of dusts of gold, silver, platinum, plastic, glass, and ordinary sulfur – resulting in an explosion of rainbow colors. Guests of the exhibition will see and not believe their eyes. In the unique collection of micro-miniatures by artist Vladimir Aniskin, most of the exhibits are less than a millimeter in size. Among them are the classics of the genre: a shod flea (fleas horseshoes are 6 million times smaller than a horse’s horseshoe), a caravan of camels in the eye of a needle (height of camels is 0.07-0.08 mm), a rose inside a hair, and new author’s works – familiar cartoon characters on slices of poppy seeds, and “little glory” such as the UEFA Cup (2 mm high), the 2018 FIFA World Cup, (2 mm high), and the logo of the championship on a rice grain and its symbol – the wolf Zabivaka, located on a poppy seed.

The museum also has an entire collection of micro-miniature orders and medals, and much more. The format of the exposition is complemented by amazing works of contemporary blacksmiths, artists, school teachers, and puppeteers as a vivid and substantive accompaniment of the museum, which grew up on the classic legend of Russian craftsmen who can surprise the world. Here you can see oil paintings, sculptures in the genre of scrap-art, and sculptures made of pencil lead. And that’s not all. Also, the museum constantly holds temporary exhibitions.