The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, Konyushennaya Ploshad, Building 2в


Operating hours

11:00 – 20:00, seven days a week

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 450 rubles

Reduced rate (schoolchildren, students, retirees, disabled people) – 350 rubles

Founders, owners, and directors of the museum

Maksim Vladimirovich Pinigin and Aleksandr Semyonovich Vugman



About museum

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines conducts research activities in various areas. Firstly, this is stock work (accounting and description of exhibits) and creation of a database on each exhibit in the museum’s collection. Secondly, the museum retains an important piece of the technical history of the USSR. Arcade machines from that time are unique objects that have value both as monuments of material culture and as examples of Soviet design, life, and the entertainment industry. Being a unique museum with a narrow specificity, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines restores an important part of history that could have completely disappeared. First of all, the idea and concept of the museum is to share the historical value of the Soviet gaming era, its uniqueness, and its significance for Soviet culture as a whole. The museum is actively engaged in scientific and educational activities (programs and workshops for children, and the study of historical documents and technical manuals).

The museum’s total collection includes more than a hundred working arcade machines from the Soviet era, including the legendary “Sea Battle”, “Highway”, “Sniper”, “Towns”, and many others. The museum also has vending machines: sparkling water, an analog photo booth, as well as various household items. All machines exhibited in the museum date back to the Soviet era, that is, they were produced from 1974 until the collapse of the USSR (1990). Production of such equipment never resumed. The museum is a member of ICOM.