The Museum of Magic

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, 74-76 Nevsky Prospekt, 3rd floor

Tel.: +7 (800) 550-82-04


Operating hours

10:00 – 21:00, daily

Ticket price

Children under 14 – 350 rubles

Adult over 14 – 600 rubles

There is a wide range of discounts available

Founder of the museum

Aleksandr Prost



About museum

The Museum of Magic is the first museum in Russia dedicated to the ancient art of illusions and tricks. There are not only historical and modern artifacts collected in the museum, but also talented illusionists are presented. The purpose of the museum is to use the example of interactive expositions and magical performances to tell about the transformation of mystical mysteries into sciences (chemistry, astronomy, physics, optics), on the one hand, and into the art of stage magic, on the other. Our experienced guides tell guests about the nature of many modern frauds (fortune telling, cheating, “psychics”), which are based on techniques long used by illusionists. The museum exposition has its own collection of historical props, which belonged to famous illusionists, as well as modern mechanisms; automatic devices reproduce complex and unusual tricks in real time. In addition to exhibits in the museum, you can see an amazing magical performance from professional illusionists, which takes place every hour in a specially equipped hall with a stage. For the most courageous, the museum also holds the immersive show “Spiritual Session”. A professional actor-spiritualist, using special effects, opens the curtain of the underworld and explains why spiritualistic sessions used to be such a popular phenomenon.