The Lighthouse Service Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Fort Konstantin

Tel.: +7 (921) 338-09-99


Operating hours

Daily from 12:00 to 20:00, closed Mondays

Ticket price

Adults – 350 rubles

Children – 250 rubles

The museum founder

Mikhail Vladimirovich Borodavkin

The museum founder

Vladimir Vladimirovich Jerger



About museum

The idea of creating a museum came about spontaneously: I discussed it with Vladimir and then phoned the management of Third Park JSC, which is in charge of Fort Konstantin. We asked for museum premises and our request was granted. At that time, I had been working as a guide at Fort Konstantin for many years and was well known to the Third Park management.

The collection consists of more than 150 exhibits, mainly of lighting and optical equipment of lighthouses navigation signs and buoys.

We conduct tours for anyone who visits, even if it is just one person. We organize workshops, temporary exhibitions, and even concerts.