The Keramarch Architectural Art Ceramics Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Sovereign bastion

Tel.: +7 (812) 602-74-37


Operating hours

Daily: 11:00 – 18:00

Tue: 11:00 – 17:00

Wed: Closed

Ticket price

Full – 200 rubles

Discounted – 120 rubles

Museum founder

Konstantin Viktorovich Lykholat



About museum

The Keramarch Architectural Art Ceramics Museum was opened in the fall of 2018 in St. Petersburg, in the Sovereign bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress. This is a rare example of cooperation between private organizations and a state museum, in this case, the private cultural institution Keramarch Architectural Art Ceramics Museum, the St. Petersburg State History Museum, and the restoration company Pallas.

This is the first historical and architectural museum in Russia whose exhibition base is ceramics, the oldest of man-made artificial materials. Over the course of many millennia, ceramics, obtained by burning clay mixed with various minerals and other ingredients, has been one of the main building materials and is used in almost all structural elements of buildings and structures. It is widely used in the decoration of facades and interior design as well as in landscape gardening. The history of the development of architecture is practically inseparable from the history of ceramics.

Keramarch offers a special look at the history of St. Petersburg (and more broadly, Russian) architecture, tracing the main stages in its development with an example of a unique circle of exhibits. The new museum displays details of the facades and interiors of residential, public, and religious buildings of the 18th – early 20th centuries, including majolica panels, wall and floor tiles, tiled stoves and fireplaces, and samples of building ceramics, as well as ceramic icons, icon cases, and details of iconostases. Among them are not only masterpieces of monumental and decorative art created according to the projects of leading Russian and European architects, artists, and designers, but also products of the mass production art industry. Most of these exhibits were restored by specialists at the Pallas restoration and construction company.

The exposition basis, which presents more than 300 items, is made up of two collections. One of them is the private collection of K.V. Lykholat and the other is from the St. Petersburg State History Museum. In addition, works from more than 10 different private and public collections are on display.

Keramarch conducts diverse activities. Various excursions are held here, including for children, and lectures and master classes for adults and children are organized.

The museum publishes its own magazine called Architectural Ceramics of the World and collaborates with the state Multicenter of Labor and Social Integration, where the construction and restoration company Pallas (one of the museum creators) equipped a full-fledged ceramic production for people with disabilities. The Multicenter’s students’ best works are available in the Keramarh souvenir shop.