The Jewel Boxes World Thematic Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information


Tel.: +7 (918) 747-87-19, +7 (905) 490-82-17


The museum founder (owner/director)

Angelica Vladimirovna Shestakova



About museum

The collection began in 1990, when we accidentally got the first box, which was purchased as a souvenir at the Gems of the World exhibition. Then the second, third, fourth … by 2004, the purchasing of boxes gradually grew into collecting. When the collection of boxes reached “some number”, we thought about creating a museum; We started with a virtual one.

In 2010, on September 27, the Jewel Box virtual museum site was created, which in 2014 became the real Jewel Boxes World museum.

The museum opening took place in the year of culture in Russia and was timed to coincide with the International Tourism Day.

The purpose of creating the museum is to preserve and popularize the cultural heritage of Russia and other countries of the world by using jewel boxes.

The research activity of the Jewel Boxes World Museum is aimed at increasing its role in the artistic culture development of the city of Stavropol, as well as at preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the regional center, Russia, and many countries of the world.


The museum’s collection contains more than 3,500 boxes from 109 countries. All continents except Antarctica are represented.

The third part of the collection consists of the jewel boxes made in Russia. The reference is given to small boxes made in the folk-art crafts traditions and to copyrighted works.