“Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, ul. Malaya Morskaya, building 4/1, “Admiral” shopping mall, 6th floor

Tel.: +7 (812) 933-41-52, +7 (812) 416-18-18

E-mail: info@peteraqua.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 22:00 without breaks or days off

Ticket price

Adults – 480 rubles

Children – 280 rubles

Discounted – 380 rubles

The tour is included in the ticket price

Founder of the museum

Igor Anatolievich Ravich



About museum

The idea of creating the “Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Museum belongs to St. Petersburg residents Alexander Rubin and Igor Ravich, co-owners of the “Art-Dec Art” woodworking company.

Do you want to see how St Petersburg and the main Imperial residence looked three centuries ago and what was located in the place where well-known buildings and architectural ensembles are located now?

In the “Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Museum you will have an opportunity to see the old Saint Petersburg of the 18th century recreated in prints and museum archives and presented in an interactive miniature on a layout area of 500 square meters.

The main feature of the layout is a real water space, which symbolizes the waters of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland, where models of ships from Peter the Great’s era sail on the water! The change of seasons, day and night, moving carriages, floods and fires, and even magnificent ladies with cavaliers dancing at a ball are presented – a real fairy tale that will surprise and delight everyone, as if they were back in their childhood!

“Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Museum offers you the unique opportunity to see the main sights of St. Petersburg (the historical center of the city, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum, and Peterhof) in one place! Take a fascinating journey through time at the “Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Museum, just a 5-minute walk from Palace Square, next to “Admiralteyskaya” metro station.

Your acquaintance with St. Petersburg starts here!