Museum of the Sevenard-Kshesinskiy Dynasty Grail Museum Research Centre

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

24 A, Gagarinskaya St., St. Petersburg, 191028

Tel: +7(929)156-67-34


Operating hours

Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Ticket price

ull ticket – 450 roubles

discounted – 200 roubles.

excursion ticket – 750 roubles

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Sevenard Konstantin Yurievich



About museum

Historical memory, passed from mouth to mouth from one close person to another, is exclusively connected with ancient dynasties. Russian folk culture is founded thanks to these legends that go back to the distant past. The history of the dynasty, inextricably linked with the history of our country and the world, is one of the few opportunities to restore the truth.

The idea to create the museum belongs to Konstantin Yurievich Sevenard, one of the representatives of this dynasty. This museum tells the story of events related to members of the same family for 2,000 years – events that are illustrated with authentic unique artefacts.