Museum of the History of the Fatherland

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

St. Petersburg, Karavaevskaya st., 31

Phone: +7 (967) 531-39-01


Operating hours

by appointment

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The founder, owner and director of the museum

Sergey Evgenyevich Nadein



About museum

S.E.Nadein: “Initially, the idea was to create a museum of monarchy and nobility history, since I’m a member of the St.Petersburg Noble Assembly, and there was no such museum. But then I decided to cover a broader topic — the history of the Fatherland from 1800 to 1916, and the monarchy and nobility would take their place in it.

Museum of the History of the Fatherland consists of several sites in different districts of St.Petersburg. They are all located in youth centers. This is very fortunate, since our visitors are teenagers. Currently open exhibitions are the Great Patriotic War exhibition and an exhibition commemorating Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot A.F.Klubov.