Museum of Spices

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, Vasilievsky island, Ul. Bolshoy prospect, building 6

Tel.: +7 (812) 986-50-90


Operating hours

Daily from 11:00 to 21:00

Ticket price

Adults – 300 rubles

Family ticket – 600 rubles

Pupils from 7 to 14 years old – 200 rubles

Pupils 14 years old and older – 250 rubles

Pensioners – 200 rubles

Preferential ticket – free

Additional payment for the tour in a foreign language – 300 rubles

Founders of the museum

Arsen and Karina Alaverdyan



About museum

The Museum of Spices is an unusual museum that opened to visitors in June 2015. The museum is one of the few official museums of spices in the world and the only one in Russia. The museum’s aim is to share the knowledge about the incredibly rich world of spices in all its diversity with visitors, to show how this world has influenced humanity, and to promote the development of the spice culture.

The museum’s exposition will tell you more about what spice plants are, how and where they grow, and how people collect and process them in order to produce the fragrant spices that we use in our everyday life. You will learn how the spice trade has changed the world order, redrawn the map of the world, and brought untold wealth to some nations and crushing misery to others.

In the Museum of Spices, you can not only learn more about the fragrant world of spices, but also learn how to use them in everyday cooking. Our master classes are practical lessons in cooking culinary masterpieces, with which you will make a guaranteed impression on your guests or loved ones. Exotic recipes are arranged on the shelves so that you can easily repeat them at home, in your own kitchen. The workshops at the Museum of the Spices have their own distinctive ambiance of coziness and comfort, are accompanied by interesting stories about the history of certain dishes and cooking methods, and include practical advice on selecting the right ingredients and kitchen utensils for cooking at home.