Gambling Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

St. Petersburg, Marata st., 33

Tel.: +7 (812) 244-93-58, +7 (911) 093-31-35

Operating hours

Mon – Sun 11:00-23:00

Ticket price

ADULT ticket (from 14 years) – 500 roubles.

CHILD ticket (up to 13 years) – 300 roubles

DISCOUNT ticket – 350 roubles.

Children up to 5 years – FREE

The founder, the owner and the director of the museum

Kozyrev Dmitry Nikolaevich



About museum

The museum was created on the basis of the illusionist magician Dmitry Kozyrev’s card programme “Why You Can’t Play Cards with Strangers” to prevent gambling addiction in children and older people alike.

There are more than 200 museums in St Petersburg. Some of them are mentioned in every guidebook, others are less well known. Among these “secret” places is the Gambling Museum which is one of the top 5 casino-themed sites in the world and the only one in Russia! During an interactive excursion you will get acquainted with the underside of gambling business and learn why the casino always wins! Excursions are conducted by professional croupiers, card mechanics, illusionists, psychologists. Each tour is unique and tailored to the wishes of the guests. You can also try your hand at different gambling games, watch the show program from gamblers and magicians, take part in an immersive quest. In two hours you will experience several popular gambling games and your opponent will be a professional dealer or a hustler who will undoubtedly reveal his secrets at the end of the quest. The quest is purely entertaining and educational. There is a special programme for children which includes a workshop on simple and funny tricks taught by the museum’s creator, illusionist Dmitry Kozyrev.

The excursion consists of two parts: historical and interactive. Duration of the tour is 1 hour.

During the historical part participants learn about the history of gambling industry, different little-known facts and also about mathematics of winning and losing casino players. During the tour, participants will see the mechanics of the games, learn their rules and specifics, and be convinced that there is no single winning strategy. In the interactive part, participants and croupiers play roulette, dice, slot machines and blackjack.

A demonstration of cheating techniques rounds off the tour.