“Zabava” Interactive Museum of Fairy Tales

Ryazan Oblast

Contact information

Ryazan, ul. Pravo-Lybedskaya, buiding 27

Tel: +7 (491) 251-03-08, +7 (930) 783-03-08, +7 (953) 744-71-64

E-mail: zabavamuseum@yandex.ru

Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Ticket price

Children – 600 rubles

Adults – 200 rubles

Masterclasses – from 150 rubles

Group visit – from 500 rubles/person

Founder (Owner) of the museum

Tatyana Sergeevna Ovchinnikova

Founder (Owner) of the museum

Olga Mikhailovna Zhadanova



About museum

If a good idea is in the air, it will come to fruition in life. A group of like-minded people, inspired by the idea of creating a platform for solving various problems, have been working on creating of this museum of fairy tales for six months. From the concept to the last detail of the fairytale exhibition, a long, arduous path was followed, not without difficulties, but with a smile on the face. In November 2017, the “Zabava” Interactive Museum of Fairy Tales was opened for visitors.

The “Zabava» Interactive Museum of Fairy Tales is a place where anyone can immerse themselves in fairy tale action. Interactive performances, masterclasses, and event holidays allow you to talk simply about the main things in a complex, playful way. You might be wondering whether a fairy tale can change your life; It turns out that it can. Fairy tale “therapy” has long been one of the areas of psychology that helps children with social adaptation. That is why the museum cooperates with the OAO “About Childhood” in supporting the interests of family and childhood, and pays special attention to visitors with special needs, such as children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care, as well as to foster care and large families.

The main treasure of the “Zabava» Interactive Museum of Fairy Tales is the intangible heritage of the Ryazan land: epics, legends, and folktales. They become the basis for creating the stories that come to life in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Retold from mouth to mouth, they continue to live, from ancestors to descendants, carrying such simple, eternal, worldly wisdom to people.