The Museum of the History of Ryazan Lollipop

Ryazan Oblast

Contact information

Ryazan Region, Ryazan, Sobornaya Ulitsa, Building 14, Structure 2

Tel.: +7 (491) 299-77-21


Operating hours

Monday through Sunday – 10:00 – 18:00

Ticket price

Adult – 200 rubles

Children – 150 rubles

The weekend tour (tour guide, tasting, interactive show, sweet gift, and gift from the museum) – 300 rubles

Workshop – 150 rubles

Founder, owner of the museum

Igor Evgenievich Evsyukhin

Creative director of the museum

Natalia Ilyinishna Meisels



About museum

Often history is merciless and, centuries later, it hides from descendants the names of the greatest and most famous people of its time. However, one of them miraculously revived after 180 years and gave birth to the Museum of the History of Ryazan Lollipop, revealing all its greatness and significance in the history of Russia and the Ryazan Region. Nikolai Petrovich Shishkov, founder of the Ryazan sugar beet production in 1829, the first chairman of the Russian Sugar Committee, a hero of the war of 1812, who was a member of the commission to prepare documents abolishing shameful serfdom in Russia in 1861 – that’s the name widely known in the middle of the 19th century.

The Ryazan plant of Shishkov became the first model example of an enterprise in Russia, and the first laboratory to study the properties of sugar was created there. The experimental results exceeded all expectations. In 1841, Nikolai Petrovich published his works and received a patent for the invention. The museum acquaints its guests with this man, not only telling, but also showing the life and daily work of ordinary people during that time. The visitors are given the opportunity to experience all the hardships of working with their own hands at the old sugar factory and personally meet Nikolai Petrovich Shishkov. But first, right from the jump, everyone sets off on an exciting journey into the past, which begins in Ancient India, and gradually goes through all the stages of the fascinating history of sugar to the present. The museum holds tastings, interactive shows, sugar workshops, and painting of the royal lollipop. Candy and chocolate souvenirs can be purchased at the souvenir shop, and Russian merchant cuisine from the 19th century can be enjoyed at the teahouse.