The Kasimov Museum of Bells

Ryazan Oblast

Contact information

Ryazan Region, Kasimov, Sovetskaya Ulitsa, Building 16, Structure 2

Tel.: +7 (491) 313-39-90


Operating hours

10:00 – 17:00, closed on Mondays

Ticket price

Full ticket price: weekdays – 50 rubles

– weekend and holidays – 60 rubles

Retirees and students:

– weekdays – 40 rubles

– weekend and holidays – 50 rubles

Schoolchildren under 14:

– weekdays – 30 rubles

– weekend and holidays – 40 rubles

Children under 5: free

Founder, owner of the museum

Mikhail Petrovich Silkov

Director of the museum

Natalia Mikhailovna Kozlova



About museum

On November 15, 2014, the Kasimov Museum of Bells began to work. In the museum you can see the continuation of the collection of Mikhail Silkov. The museum has two belfries: one with old church bells, and the other with modern, cast by the special order of the museum at the Moscow factory.

The museum also has time bells gathered from many Soviet and foreign ships. In the central hall there is a huge 500-kilogram (34 poods 32 pounds) bell, cast at the Valdai factory by the merchant Pelageya Usacheva in the prayer memory of Emperor Alexander III. Next to the bells of the Samghins Brothers factory in Moscow, the oldest bells of Buddhist culture successfully coexist.

There are bells of the Olovyanishnikov Merchants factory from Yaroslavl, and the bells of the Motorin Dynasty factory from Moscow that received the greatest award three times – the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, for their skills. And now the coat of arms is flaunted on one of their bells. And that’s not all. The museum exhibits will tell you about the bells of Batashevs and Nikolay Tolstoy, about the dynasties of the Kasimov blacksmiths, and much more.