Shili-Byli patchwork museum

Ryazan Oblast

Contact information

Ryazan region, Ryazan city Pervomaysky Prospect, 40/1

Tel.: +7 (953) 739-88-86

Operating hours

By appointment

Ticket price

Entry fee (guided tour included) – 300 roubles

Workshop – 600 roubles

The founder, the director and the owner of the museum

Elena Vasilyevna Venediktova



About museum

Elena Venediktova came up with the idea and implemented it. The project received a grant from the Governor of Ryazan Oblast, which was spent on repairs and opening of the museum.

There are permanent exhibitions:

– “Ryazan needle” (people across the whole Russia have been sewing with Ryazan needle for 200 years, the first needle was produced in Ryazan in 1716).

– “Antique sewing tools and machines”.

– Exhibitions “Masterpieces of patchwork. Russia” (The best works of Russian and foreign masters), that are being adjusted every two months.