Fairy-tale Museum of the Poschupovo Toy

Ryazan Oblast

Contact information

Poschupovo Village, Pochtovaya Ul., building 55, Rybnovsky District, Ryazan Region

Phone: +7 (900) 909-11-52

E-mail: poshupowo@mail.ru


Operating hours

By agreement

Ticket price

Tour with a master class – 250 Rubles per person.

Founder/ owner / director of the museum

Vladimir Nikolaevich Ivanov



About museum

Sometimes we wish we could go back to the fairy-tale world of childhood where everything is full of mystery and is unknown, no one leaves you in trouble, and good triumphs over evil. Such a journey is good both for adults and children before the wild virtual world gets a complete hold of them. And such a place does exist: the Fairy-tale Museum of the Poschupovo Toy in an old Ryazan village. Long ago (in the last century!) the Ivanov family of artists, traveling around the places where the poet Sergey Esenin was born and lived, visited the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, the most ancient monastery in Ryazanschina, standing on a bank of Oka River in the village of Poschupovo. They took a bath in the holy spring and … settled there permanently. They started learning the history of those places, reviving pottery crafts and holding celebrations. Thus, their house became a museum.

Anyone is treated here as the most valued guest. Don’t hesitate to cross the border of the Far Far Away Kingdom (you’ll a get a certificate of crossing the border), go ahead along the small ponds Goldfish and Frog Princess, under the crown of a tree with maturing nuts, small bast shoes and felt boots hanging from its branches, turn to a carved front porch near a parking lot for magic carpets and you’ll get into Vasilisa the Wise’s hands. You will surely have to answer a number of tricky questions (like in the fairy-tale!), but then you’ll take a dive into such a rich world of fantasy and adventures that you won’t want to leave it! (It’s good that the museum has a time machine). Here old things become fairy-tale exhibits among which funny clay toys live: Cinderella’s iron, magic tablecloth, Princess Hope Chest and seven-league boots, not to mention a three-story Cat house, a magic carpet and magic shoes… The artist together with his cat Bonka will offer you a master class in pottery craft and toy painting (let’s take them away). Then you can try to find precious stones with letters with the help of a Treasure map, guess the password and open a huge pirate’s chest with magic sweets. They make good wishes come true.