“Valitov Stone” Historical and Geological Museum

Republic of Karelia

Contact information

Republic Of Karelia, Loukhsky district, Chupa, ul. Sovetskaya, building 31A

Tel.: +7 (921) 523-44-98

E-mail: valitstone@mail.ru

Operating hours

Monday–Friday: from 10:00 to 17:00

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Founder of the museum

Yuri Nikolaevich Rybakov



About museum

The museum was opened with the support of the “Basin Council of the North Karelia Coast”, the Karelian Regional Public Organization for promoting sustainable development and environmental protection.

In 2016, the KRPO “Basin Council of the North Karelia Coast” moved to a new office, located at address: Ul. Sovetskaya, building 31A, Chupa, Loukhsky district, Republic Of Karelia. As part of the organization’s activities, an initiative was put forward to create a small local history exhibition dedicated to the development of the North Karelian White Sea Coast.

The exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about the history of the development and colonization of the coast of the Kandalaksha Bay from the Eneolithic period to the present and see the individual collections and exhibits, collected during the expeditions of the KRPO “Basin Council of the North Karelia Coast”, which were transferred to the museum by project partners, private owners, and local historians.

You will have an opportunity to see the following small but interesting exhibitions at the museum:

– Minerals and rocks from the coast of the Kandalaksha Bay , the history of Moscow glass, and the production of ceramic raw materials in the village of Chupa.

– Quartz, amethysts, and White Sea flyers from the Tersk coast.

– Karelian old believer metal plastics, tools of Karelian and Pomor fishing on the Karelian coast.

– Silver Bear Island.

The exhibition not only showcases minerals and history, but is also the Basin Council’s CRO information center.

At our center, you can find information on the following points:

– what the specifically protected natural areas are, where they are located, and for what purpose they are used;

– the ecology of our region and the problems and solutions;

– the possibilities of tourist infrastructure on the North Karelian coast;

– sights and historical and cultural objects;

– travel companies and their products and services, including different types of tourism (environmental, geological, active, cultural and event, children and youth, and so on);

– the main tourist routes;

– the meteorological conditions of the area;

– the organization of leisure and rest on the White Sea Coast and in all of Karelia;

– holidays, events, sports events, and festivals;

– the latest tourism news in the North Karelian Coast Region.