The “Lovely Bells, Casting Yard” Museum

Pskov region

Contact information

Pskov Region, Pechorski Region, Sigovo Village

Tel.: +7 (931) 901-21-81


Operating hours

10:00 – 19:00 daily, by appointment

Ticket price

Free admission, donations are welcome

Tour – 150 rubles per person

Workshop price is subject to negotiation

Founder of the museum

Aleksandr Vladilenovich Lapshin



About museum

In 1996, after the public casting of a bell in Yaroslavl, the bell master, A.V. Lapshin, came up with the idea of creating a museum. However, it was only possible to realize it after many years, on Pskov land. At the museum, Alexander Vladilenovich Lapshin, who was one of the pioneers of the bell business of new Russia, tells visitors about the secrets of ancient casting, about interesting facts and myths and legends related to casting, and plays on the belfry to the delight of guests. Alexander Vladilenovich is a Doctor of Engineering Sciences, professor, and author of a number of publications, including the book “Experience of bronze casting in Russian traditions”. I, Erika Sergeyevna Mikhailova (the owner of the “Lovely Bells, Casting Yard” museum), treat guests to Ivan-tea with freshly baked honey gingerbread cookies and show my patchwork and weaving works.

The museum conducts a series of tours under the general title “Visiting the Bell master”, including a sightseeing tour and in-depth individual conversations on Russian copper casting, bell casting, bridle bells, and cabinet bells. We conduct workshops on bell casting, copper icon casting, making printed gingerbread, and on patchwork and weaving.