The “Honey Farm” Museum

Pskov region

Contact information

Pskov Region, Pechorski district, Sigovo Village

Tel.: +7 (911) 351-45-54, + 7 (931) 900-82-56


Operating hours

10:00 – 18:00, 7 days a week, groups are welcome by appointment

Ticket price

Free admission

Tours (groups of more than 10 people):

– Adults – 300 rubles per person

– Children – 200 rubles per person

Founder of the museum

Gennadii Vasilievich Glazov



About museum

We have been living on a farm since 1989. At first we only had an apiary. In 1992, Gennadii Vasilievich wrote his first book on beekeeping called “Beekeeping as a craft”. Later, he wrote the books “The Beginning of the Apiary Craft” and “Catching Bee Swarms”. Since 1995, he has been conducting 3-day beekeeping courses. In 2002, Gennadii Vasilievich created a museum and we began to host tourist groups. Gennadii Vasilievich talks about peasant life, bees and beekeeping. I continue to receive tourists. The “Honey Farm” Museum is an integral part of the peasant (farm) economy of beekeeping. The apiary is represented by hives designed by Gennadii Vasilievich Glazov.

In the museum you will see an original exhibition of peasant life of the 19th-21st centuries, various beekeeper tools, honey extractors, ancient homemade beehives, household items of peasants, collections of plows, lanterns, spinning wheels, axes and hammers, locks, irons, samovars, and many other things. Our program will put you in the atmosphere of the Pskov village of Tsarist times, in a lively landscape surrounded by forests full of mushrooms and berries.

On the edge of Russian land, you will feel like a nobleman or a peasant and you will understand the seasonal rural work of linen, blacksmithing, and carpentry. See yourself as a gentleman or gentlewoman, taking pictures in the most real and amazingly preserved wagons and carts.