“Flax Province” Flax and Hemp Museum

Pskov region

Contact information

Pskov Region, Pechory, ul. Rizhskaya, building 75

Tel.: +7 (901) 700-56-47

E-mail: info@льнянаягуберния.рф


Operating hours

Tuesday-Sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

Monday – by appointment

Ticket price

Adults – 350 rubles

Preferential ticket – 200 rubles

Children under 7 years old – free

Master class – 100-150 rubles

Tea party – from 100 rubles

For travel agencies and groups there is a special offer

Founder and owner of the museum

Vera Arkadyevna Fest

Founder and owner of the museum

Elena Andreevna Gurenko

Founder and owner of the museum

Vladimir Nikolaevich Moskvin

Founder and owner of the museum

Yuri Alexandrovich Gurenko



About museum

“It all started with linen clothes that we began to sew. We were greatly immersed in this topic. It turned out that there was practically no flax left in Russia. After these discoveries I came up with the idea to create a museum of flax!

This museum is part of an awareness-raising project aimed at reviving flax production in our country.”

“The museum’s collection allows you to go through all stages from sowing flax to spinning fabric. You will have an opportunity to learn more about all areas of using items made from this unique plant, both in the past and in our time. Visitors to our museum can see flax seeds and sheaves (some of them from our experimental site), authentic items for processing and producing flax threads and fabric, and old and modern linen clothing. Visitors also can learn more about the process of paper production and dyeing fabrics with natural dyes. They can see the latest industry innovations in recent years. A special place in the exhibition is given to Pskov and the Pskov Research Institute of Agriculture, as the custodian of the seed fund.

All this is accompanied by a tour in verse, which leaves no chance not to fall in love with this culture.”