Victor Ivanovich Vasyuk

Primorsky region

Contact information

Primorsky Krai, Chernigov district, Chernigovka village, Poltavskaya St., 124

Tel.: +7 (914) 722-50-53

Operating hours

April – October by appointment

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Founder, owner and director of the museum

Vasyuk Victor Ivanovich



About museum

The museum has all sorts of exhibits: all of them have their own history of “residence” in the private collection of Viktor Ivanovich. He enjoys telling these stories to his visitors. By the way, he has visitors from all over the region – schoolchildren, sportsmen, and adults travelling along the Primorsky Krai. Sometimes even Khabarovsk residents drop in on their way to the seaside. Viktor Ivanovich Vasyuk is vice-president of the Primorye Collectors’ Association.

Among the unusual exhibits there is a three-metre whale whisker, brought back from Sakhalin, as well as a cap made for the children of the Ocean camp dedicated to the visit of Brezhnev.

The museum has more than 3,000 different exhibits from the Soviet era.