Sea Cucumber Museum

Primorsky region

Contact information

Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok, Verkhneportovaya Street, 66A

Tel.: +7 (914) 707-76-72, +7 (984) 153-74-23


Operating hours

10:00-18:00 daily

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 200 roubles,

65+, veterans, people with disabilities – free of charge,

educational quest game for kids – 350 roubles.

We organise excursions (starting from 1 guest)

The founder, the owner of the museum

Dmitriy Pavlov

The founder, the owner and the director of the museum

Victoria Ziborova



About museum

The only museum of sea cucumber in the world

Vladivostok is the birthplace of this oldest sea echinoderm on the planet. It has been living on Earth for over 500 million years. Sea cucumber is an interesting and unique creature. And where better to create such a museum than in Vladivostok! Besides, the Chinese name of this town, Haishenvai, translates as ‘Sea Cucumber Bay’.

The museum offers interesting excursions devoted to benefits of ‘sea cucumber’, to its regeneration function and other treasures of Primorye and Russia. Museum’s area is 1000 m2.

Vladivostok is a seaside port city: surf’s noise, clean sea, beautiful coastline have always attracted tourists from all over Russia and from abroad. The Sea Cucumber Museum is situated not far from the favourite tourist spot – Tokarevsky lighthouse.

Children have grown very fond of our museum.

We often hold fascinating scientific and educational quests.

Our task is to instill in children love and pride to their native land and country.

After the tour, guests can buy products of the already well-known health-conscious gift brand Biotic Luxe.

Over five years, the museum has been visited by more than 500 thousand people from 23 countries of the world and 37 regions of Russia. The Museum was awarded diplomas by the Government of Primorsky Krai in the annual competition “Leaders of Primorye Territory Tourism Industry” in the category “Best Project for Developing Infrastructure and Hospitality”, and a Gratitude letter from S.A. Sopchuk, a State Duma deputy in Russia.

Vladimir Oshchenko filmed an interesting story in the museum for the author’s programme “Morskaya” on the OTV channel. The museum hosted film crews from the federal channels Rossiya 24, NTV, Food Alive and Dead, and Channel One’s “New”s, as well as foreign media, bloggers and journalists.